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December 2011

>Animals Idols

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>Hey all, I am so happy to announce my new Animal Idols!!! I have been playing around with the idea of wooden animal shapes for some time now and now have found a new approach to explore. There are six animal shapes in all and are cut from sustainable Canadian maple, and hand screen printed. Please follow this link to my etsy site to purchase them.

>Pre-Christmas News

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>There has been a lot happening here in the background since my last post.

1. I am now working pt and doing Illustration and Motion Graphics.
2. I finished a two week show In Windamere a new housing development in south east Edmonton.
3. I vendered the November Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair. It was a great showing and had plenty of wonderful comments from people visiting. Thanks Josh, Vikki and Jeanie.
4. I have a new monthly show up at The Next Act Pub (n of whyte on gateway blvd s). Thanks so much to Saylish for the opportunity.
5. Recently I have completed a new painting, actually it is more like a repainting. I painted the river valley some months ago and snapped a quick photograph, then proceeded to paint a portrait on top. It was a retirement gift for a fellow that worked for the city in the river valley. I had so many comments about it that I should have taken better photos for prints. So I went ahead and painted a new version of it.

6. In addition I found a neat picture in the Globe and Mail of Walter Gretzky holding a image of my illustration I did for the Canadian Lung Association.

7. Also I found this great little post with my painting of the highlevel bridge and trolly.

I hope everything is fine with you all.