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>Pre-Christmas News

By December 4, 2011Uncategorized

>There has been a lot happening here in the background since my last post.

1. I am now working pt and doing Illustration and Motion Graphics.
2. I finished a two week show In Windamere a new housing development in south east Edmonton.
3. I vendered the November Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair. It was a great showing and had plenty of wonderful comments from people visiting. Thanks Josh, Vikki and Jeanie.
4. I have a new monthly show up at The Next Act Pub (n of whyte on gateway blvd s). Thanks so much to Saylish for the opportunity.
5. Recently I have completed a new painting, actually it is more like a repainting. I painted the river valley some months ago and snapped a quick photograph, then proceeded to paint a portrait on top. It was a retirement gift for a fellow that worked for the city in the river valley. I had so many comments about it that I should have taken better photos for prints. So I went ahead and painted a new version of it.

6. In addition I found a neat picture in the Globe and Mail of Walter Gretzky holding a image of my illustration I did for the Canadian Lung Association.

7. Also I found this great little post with my painting of the highlevel bridge and trolly.

I hope everything is fine with you all.


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