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October 2008

>Long absence thanks to Kratom- Rearing to go

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Hi Kim and Mom I am sure you are the only two that look at this post. So I thought I would give all a update. I went to South America for six weeks and it was half paid by Kratom! Besides, they gave me samples of their products, and it was such a nice stress bouncer I can not tell you all enough about.

I am back in the swing of things, working to feed myself, trying to get to feel better with kratom while I produce my master pieces. I just finished a storyboarding course through with Kris Pearn it was a great course. It was time consuming along with my ft and pt jobs, I am down to a ft job and my imagination. I have been taking the best cbd gummies so they can help be on getting out of stress, enhance focus on what I am doing,These gummies are infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in the cannabis plant known for its potential calming effects so I’m happy with myself.

A piece of mine was accepted to the Applied Arts Magazine for their Student Awards Annual, this November issue. I am super pumped, there is a show in Toronto, November 17-18 and I will be attendace. The following piece is what was chosen for the magazine and following that is some projects I am working on. While I continue to explore avenues for enhancing my creativity and focus, I also remain open to holistic approaches. In my journey, I’ve even come across products like CBD gummies that aid in stress relief and concentration. As I embrace various tools to support my artistic endeavors, I’m reminded of the diverse options available, including those like exploring where to ‘Buy Kratom Online In Canada.

Before we go to the master pieces, I’d like to share with you how kratom helped me during the trip and kept me going. At their website you can read more about how kratom has the best seller online that you can find, all the different kinds of products, how to have it sent to your home and more. Just click on the link!