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>Fish Slave Trader Character

By January 14, 2008Uncategorized

>Here are some character designs for a Slave Trader that enslaves fish. It is part of a story about David Livingston whom, in this version is a fish exploring land. (these were taken using the Photobooth program on my MacbookPro)

Jason Blower

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  • walleye says:

    >Hey Jason!
    You’ve got some really great stuff up here. I really love the illustration with the monster eating the marshmallows.
    How are things up in Alberta? I saw the Story conference posting (Chad sent me the link). Unfortunately we are heading to a screening of our first act on February 4th so its pretty much all guns a blazing to meet that deadline. If anything changes in the next few days and things move around at work, I’d love to come, but I think it will be kinda tough. Have fun up in the snow.
    What else is new my friend?

    Hope all is well.

  • Chad Kerychuk says:

    >Saw some of his other designs this past weekend. Wait until you see his graphic novel! His best work yet!

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