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October 2014

U of A – Cardiac Unit

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A project that has been in the works now for a few years in now all wrapped up.  I was asked to create three paintings that were uplifting and warm feeling, based on specific dimensions for placement in the Cardiac Unit of the University of Alberta Hospital.  After a few rounds of sketches and discussion I painted these three beauties.[soliloquy id="1114"]

Nursery image

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I had friends recently ask me to make a illustrate a image for their soon to be born son.  They wanted their favorite animals represented, foxes, owls and wolves.  I thought it best fitting to have the illustration set at night with a full moon for the wolf to howl at, owl to hoot, and foxes to be tucked away in a den.


2014 folkfest

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Again this year I vended at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and created a new print for the year.  This years theme was the parade of lanterns, a event that is done on the Saturday of the weekend festival, to show the festivals appreciation to all the different departments and volunteers.  I was able to pop down to the offices a week or so before to take photos of the lanterns and any of the new lanterns that were being made.  Which was great, because I was able to make sure that the print was very specific to this year with the new lanterns.


I also created a fun t-shirt design that I sold while I was there.


SPCA : Compassion Poster

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The Alberta SPCA, annually puts out materials for teachers, to help in the education of children about compassion towards animals.  I was asked to work on one of those products, it is a poster that can be displayed up in classrooms.  I was quite keen to work on the project, one for the SPCA and also another project for kids to see.


Why Teachers Should Share Their Views on Facebook to Help Students

In the digital age, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Facebook, in particular, has evolved into a powerful tool for communication and collaboration. For teachers, this means an opportunity to connect with their students and help them in more ways than ever before.

By sharing their views and knowledge on Facebook, teachers can create a positive impact on their students’ lives. Here are some reasons why teachers should consider using Facebook to share their views and help their students.

Connect with Students Outside of the Classroom

While teachers are able to impart their knowledge in the classroom, they often have limited time to connect with their students outside of it. Facebook provides a platform for teachers to connect with their students on a more personal level, building stronger relationships that can positively impact their learning.

Share Valuable Resources

Facebook provides an easy way for teachers to share valuable resources with their students. These resources can include study materials, informative articles, and educational videos. By sharing resources on Facebook, teachers can provide their students with an additional platform to access information and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Provide Support and Guidance

Through Facebook, teachers can offer support and guidance to their students. This can include answering questions, providing feedback on assignments, or even offering emotional support when students are going through a tough time. By being available on social media, teachers can help their students navigate challenges and succeed academically and personally.

Best Buy Facebook Views Service to Use

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In conclusion, Facebook can be a powerful tool for teachers to connect with their students and provide valuable support outside of the classroom. By sharing their views and knowledge, teachers can create a positive impact on their students’ learning and personal growth. And to make sure your content gets the visibility it deserves, consider using a reliable provider like Marketing Heaven to buy Facebook views. Start exploring the possibilities of Facebook for teachers today!

Fort Edmonton Park

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Fort Edmonton is a local historical park, based on different time periods in Edmonton and houses great historical buildings and a fort.  I was asked to create some sort of over encompassing image that would represent the whole park.  Most of the time the park is represented with the Steam train or the old fort, but the park is so much more than that.  So I used a forced perspective approach for this and set things up in blocks of history while creating a bit of a winding walk through the park experience.  The image was to be used as a fine art print for the gift store.


Local Good logo

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The Local Good is a neat organization here in Edmonton, they are a network of people that promote local and green living for our fair city.  For about a year they used my I Heart E-town graphic as a temp logo (with permission of course), at which time they asked me if I would do a customized version of it as a logo for them so they wouldn’t have to rely on Fiverr logo design.  I made sure to incorporate so many great local items into the logo and scaled up the elements to be readable at a small size. I even used the path of the river as a EKG pattern for a heart beat.


Realtor imagery

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Last year I was contacted by a local real estate agent who works in Seattle ( that wanted to create custom postcard mailers and a public message bus bench.  We worked out a rough out line of 12 postcards that we wanted to do.  As the year progressed some of the themes changed and timelines changed, and we are still working on some of them now. There was also someone that he recommend in my home state of Florida which was more suited for the  Florida Retirement Lifestyle, but it still worked out for me. They are fun and thought I should share them now curb appeal benefits of residential metal roofs is probably the best investment ive made.

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