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January 2013

New sketch for next Promo piece

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So when I was a Kid, my cousin (@chadkerychuck) and I would spend hours playing with Action Figures.  Mostly I remember GIJOE being the go to set, and I am sure StarWars was in there as well.  This Christmas I was shopping at Toys R Us for presents for my Nieces and Nephew, when I came upon these photos

Millennium Falcon AT-AT

Awsome right?! Well I started sketching up something that draws on those fond memories of playing away, using our imagination to come up with stories.


Christmas Present

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I received an email from a mother that purchased one of my prints for her son.  She told me that he was over the moon and bouncing off the walls when he opened the print at Christmas.  I am so happy that something that I made can makes someone else so happy.

Thanks Stephanie for sending me this photo!


Lots of new stuff.

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Hey all, long time no post.  I have lots to show you it is probably too much for this one post so I am going to do it over a few.

I had a show in March at SNAP Gallery.  I have mentioned before but I lost the post during a hick up with word press.  Ah the wonders of the digital age when things just go poof!!!  Anyways it was a fun to have the show and it was awesome to see everyone out for the opening night.  Here are some pictures of the show as it was up.

Some pictures of my booth set up at Artwalk in July on whyte ave. And some pictures of my Wooden Animal Spirits on display at The Paint Spot.

I also found this cool little video from the nice folks at The Edmontonian.  It is rather old but really neat to see!!!



The Cabin

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A new illustration that I have been toying around with for a while.  I finally found a bit of time to chip away with it.  The initial sketch was just the cabin with in the confines of the wild.  Then I though with the my personal success on the intergration of the new characters to the illustration, I thought it would be a good opportunity to work them in again.  I even put my puppy in it 🙂  Again I hope you like it.