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Private Commissions

A perfect way to capture multiple aspects of your life or memories in one image.

One of the great advantages of hiring an illustrator or artist to create some thing special for you, over a photographer, is that they are able to gather all your memories, time frames, locations and elements all into one seamless image. Something that is just not possible in a photo.

For commissions, it is important to sit down and discuss what you are looking to have done.  The reason is that size, scale, detail and use all play important roles in figuring out the cost of a commission.  For example if you want a car painted on 8×10 or 3ftx4ft, will have different rates, or if you compare a 3x4ft car vs skyline will also have another rate.

My steps are:

  1. Initial meeting and pricing
  2. Sketching – 1-3 rough sketches with different approaches
  3. Sketch Refinement – The above sketches are merged together based on your feedback.
  4. 50% deposit upon approval of the final sketch
  5. Painting – I work on the final painting, including getting professional scans.
  6. Delivery and Balance payment.

That is about it, if you have any more questions please reach out to me.