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February 2011


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>Late 2010 Janine at Uppercase invited me to illustrate an article for the eight issue of her quarterly magazine. The article was about our fascination with the scale of object and our relationship with them. I had just come back from Burbank, where I had stayed near the Hollywood walk of fame. While I was there I saw Ray Harryhausen’s star, so I ran with the idea of a puppet master with his small stage.

>Mountain Equipment Co-op

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>Great news, last week I finished an illustration for Mountain Equipment Co-op. Judy contacted me, we had corresponded some time ago and thought of me when they were commissioning some illustration. I was pumped about doing it and now it is view able on the MEC Blog here. In addition, she asked me to do an illustration for their cataloge shipping out in March. I’d love to show it but, I’ll have to wait till it is out.