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The Shamrock Curling Club

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A great man with great taste named Chris, contacted me a few weeks back to help dress up the interior of The Shamrock Curling Club.  The membership is a great mixture of young and experienced and though the facility is one of the older ones in the city, it continues to be a very active.  To continue to inspire younger curlers to use the facilities, Chris has been working bringing new life, on such way was to display my work in the main lobby looking onto the ice.  Many thanks to him!

University commission: ETLC

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Pre-Christmas I was asked to do an illustration of the UofAs Engineering and Technology Learning Centre, as the clients son was a graduate of engineering and now was living away from home working on a new bitcoin startup for buying and selling bitcoin online you can buy bitcoin here. The building represented a lot of memories and the achievements the young man. It was a quick turn around job, as it was to be completed before Christmas, so working digitally was appropriate for that deadline and with the budget.

UofA Engineering commission

UofA Engineering commission

Prairie style home

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Prairie House

Prairie House

I was contacted by a local Architect last fall about painting a home that he had recently purchased. The house is on 102 ave and was the home of a well known architect, who also designed the Downtown Canada Post office. Sadly that post office has now been torn down for the new Provincial Museum which is being constructed. Some buildings stay and some go, but I am glad that this home will be persevered by some one that appreciates the historical and stylistic significance. The new homeowner spent some time and cleared some the grounds and added a Prairie garden, that is maintained with services from sites as, the garden being a feature that really suits the prairie house style indicative of Frank Lloyd Wrights famous home design, full of layers of long horizontal lines. One of the new homeowners plans is to through a fresh coat of paint on it and give the facade a more modern update, while staying true the the characteristics of the design. So I was asked to paint the trim gray and add golden wood panels. So this is a result of our efforts in preserving local architectural history!