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Many, many, many months ago I was contacted by the design team at Lululemon Canada to see if I could do a design for their new store opening in Edmonton.  I was quite surprised and pleased that they contacted me.  After some discussion and negotiation we came to an idea of what we were going to make.  I have been fairly quite about it over the months waiting for it all come into reality, but that time has come.  As of Dec 5 2013, the new store was opened and the store front open for all to see.  Below are a number of photos of the work in progress, design files, communication images/video and the final store front.  Thanks again to all of the staff members of the Lululemon stores in Edmonton that nominated me and the Design team (Emily, Stephanie, Bianca, Carlson, Natalie)

The original concept and design came from my I heart E-town t-shirt design, that I had done for SNAP Gallery fundraiser a couple of years back now. The designers really liked that idea combined with a earthy application of wood paneling, so we set off to work. I worked on several sketches to work out the shape of the river and how I was going to approach the addition of figures and animals. This was also for the wood working company to work out the best method of making the panels. After discussing the final few samples that they sent out we made a few adjustments and went into the final design. The next step was to confirm the final sizing of the store front and make corrections to the vector file before sandblasting. You can see a video of how the panels look like after sandblasting before the frisk was removed in the video below.

jasonblower-lululemon-storefront from Jason Blower on Vimeo.

Snow Valley painting and posters

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A couple of months ago, a fella named Brandon gave me a call to say that Snow Valley was looking to have a painting done.  So I followed up with him and the team there and I am happy to say we have complete three great images.  One is a commemorative painting of Snow Valley, and two vintage ski inspired posters of the fun that can be had there.  You can purchase the poster at the SnowValley shop, when you go there for your own fun! Thanks again to the team at Snow Valley for the opportunity to add my twist on another Edmonton icon.


CBC Downtown Banners

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I have just wrapped up some long days preparing tons of new illustrations of Edmonton.  The rush comes from the Launch of new webpage by CBC about all the great buildings downtown.   They asked me if I could illustrate some banners for the webpage as a way of colorfully displaying Edmonton’s downtown.  In order to add the detail that I thought was required for such a scene and the tight deadline, I decided to illustrate these all digitally.  It also allows me to compose them into finished pieces that I can offer as prints, which will be available shortly and at Edmonton’s Artwalk,where I will be again set up infront of Vivid Print.  Below you can look at the banners and you can review all the new illustrations at my flickr site,

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 1

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 2

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 3

Two new Medical Post Illustrations

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Carol over at Medical Post asked me to submit another illustration for a editorial story for their upcoming issue.  Which reminded me that I had not posted the previous illustration that I had competed for here.  So here they both are, the first one is a series of spots that accompanied a poem written by a doctor on the love/hate relationship that there is with with being a doctor.  The second is from a story from a doctor who had a great chance to make patient happy, by organizing a wedding for him in the hospital days before he was to pass from a terminal illness.

Spot illustrations - Medical Post Magazine.

Spot illustrations – Medical Post Magazine.

Editorial illustration - Medical Post Magazine.

Editorial illustration – Medical Post Magazine.