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CBC Downtown Banners

I have just wrapped up some long days preparing tons of new illustrations of Edmonton.  The rush comes from the Launch of new webpage by CBC about all the great buildings downtown.   They asked me if I could illustrate some banners for the webpage as a way of colorfully displaying Edmonton’s downtown.  In order to add the detail that I thought was required for such a scene and the tight deadline, I decided to illustrate these all digitally.  It also allows me to compose them into finished pieces that I can offer as prints, which will be available shortly and at Edmonton’s Artwalk,where I will be again set up infront of Vivid Print.  Below you can look at the banners and you can review all the new illustrations at my flickr site,

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 1

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 2

CBC -Downtown Story banner

CBC -Downtown Story banner 3

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