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>San Diego Comic Con 09

By July 25, 2009Uncategorized

>I am writing from San Diego, home of the largest collection of geeks in the world. Except MIT, perhaps. It is really an interesting collage of people that come to the comic con. There are the Costumed Enthusiasts, the pasty white pimple faces, the normals ( I would like to think I am included in this group), the talented and the pretty girls that like drive the whole bunch of us nuts. I have seen many different panels that I have enjoyed, though I wish they were longer and smaller in numbers. Today I braved the main exhibit, upon hearing how crazy it can get on Saturday. It is already quite busy. Last years attendance according to SDCC people was in the number of 150,000 people, and this year I have heard that there was some where between 200,00 and 300,000 registered. Such and increase that there is talk about moving the convention to another city in order to accommodate the numbers.

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