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>Hey all I will be at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair in Edmonton. May 30 – May 31. I will be selling print and all kinds of goodies.


Here is a selection of the items that I will be selling at the Royal Bison. Not to fret what is left will be available on a Etsy account that I have started.

A couple of nesting dolls that I have painted up. The second one glows in the dark!!!!

The follow are Screen Prints I did. They are limited prints, Bookworm is 10, and the rest are 5.

These are some lamps that I made using recycled Nalogene Bottles, Hiking or Trekking Poles,
I saw that was cut down and LED Christmas lights. Recycled and low power consumption.

While I was Screen printing I did several on Organic Cotton to make into pillows (fill is reclaimed from pillows that had their day). The frills on the sides are different combos of Green, Blue, and Pink. There are, as well, four different characters on the pillows.

These are some Stuffed Animals out of felt (Also reclaimed stuffing). I had made similar characters out of wood blocks when I was in school and have since not been able to find a shop in Edmonton to cut the blocks. So I attempted to make them out of felt. There is a Rhino, Pigeon and Beaver.

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