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October 2008

>Long absence- Rearing to go

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>Hi Kim and Mom I am sure you are the only two that look at this post. So I thought I would give all a update. I went to South America for six weeks, and it was such a nice stress bouncer I can not tell you all enough about. I am back in the swing of things, working to feed myself while I produce my master pieces. I just finished a storyboarding course through with Kris Pearn it was a great course. It was time consuming along with my ft and pt jobs, I am down to a ft job and my imagination. A piece of mine was accepted to the Applied Arts Magazine for their Student Awards Annual, this November issue. I am super pumped, there is a show in Toronto, November 17-18 and I will be attendace. The following piece is what was chosen for the magazine and following that is some projects I am working on.