Summer Markets update

Hey everyone I have some more exciting news, I was accepted into both Fringe Festival and K-Days expo, so below is an updated list of the Markets I will be at this summer!

June 19- July 1, The Works Festival

July 11 – 13, 2014, Edmonton Artwalk

July 17 – 28, 2014, K-Days : Explore…A Canadian Art Experience.

August 7-10, The Edmonton Folk Music Festival

August 14-24, Edmonton Fringe Festival (Confirmed)


Some of you might know that I am not only a BDes Graduate, but also BEd graduate as well.  I Finished my Education Degree in 2000 at the University of Alberta, before trekking down to Calgary’s ACAD for illustration.  It is still something that I try to utilize when the opportunities arise, like talking at schools or running a workshop.  There are some interesting statistics for graduates, years 1,2, 5 after getting a degree and if they are using it in their career.  I was asked to participate in a information interview for recent or soon to be graduates of the University of Alberta Education program.  Though there is nothing specific that I say in the article, there are things that I provided that contributed to the list.  You can read the Article here: Your Daily Approach

IPAC Conference


This last week I spent a couple of days at the IPAC Conference here in Edmonton, in order to create a visual piece of art.  I listened in on the Environmental renewal and environmental wrath panel, and absorbed several of the discussions on how complex the issue is and cumulative effect impact.  This is the motivational piece of art I developed based on what I heard.

Mouse & Deer – Additions

With a bit of personal time lately I have been hammering on some personal work to add to my Children’s Book material and to add to the story development to a narrative I hope to get off the ground one day.  Enjoy!

Now Angels, Under the tree.

Snow Angels, Under the tree.

Snowman, Under the Moon

Snowman, Under the Moon

Sonicboom & XFest 2014



After some great success with the design of the SonicBoom Charity poster last year, I was asked to create some more work for Union Events for both SonicBoom and X-Fest events.  You can find the visuals on the event posters, the website and event video announcements!


University of Alberta, Student Law Services

Commissioned painting

Here is a illustration that I worked on for the University of Alberta, Student Law Services.  A Faculty memeber was retiring and they wanted to give him a present that would represent all his career in law.   They also wanted others associated with the Law Faculty to enjoy the piece and so prints are available for order at Vivid Print.

Canadian Running – spot illustration.

Spot Illustration for Canadian Running

At the beginning of the Year Dianne Kapral with Canadian Running contacted me for a spot illustration for an upcoming issue.  The concept was how to portray a classic newbie runner mistake of wearing moisture absorbing material and just ends up weighing them down through their run.  After a few sketches this is want she and I settled on.

Medical post – beta male

Illustration for The Medical Post Magazine

An illustration I did earlier this year for The Medial Post.

Varscona Theatre

Night time painting of the Varscona Theatre

Last year I had presented a number of my prints at the Varscona Theatre for an upcoming show the took place in Edmonton.  In addition, the opening night they were announcing that they received the funding to renovate the theatre in order to provide more space and additional rooms for all the theatre companies that are operating out the cramped older building.  As I was putting up the show, they asked me if I would be interested in painting the theatre as it is now.  It is something that they wanted to keep a piece of the old theatre around and used it as a promotional piece, as well as, a piece that prints could be sold of.  I was totally in!  So here is the final result, you can order prints through the Varscona Theatre!

Upcoming shows and Sales

This summer is booking up quickly, and so felt that I should have together a bit of a list of places I will be selling my work.

April 11-13,  I will be at MakeIt @ the enjoy center and two wonderful helpers will be helping at the City Center Market and Mom’s Town (ice palace WEM)

May 9-11 Royal Bison

July 11 – 13, 2014, Edmonton Artwalk

June 19- July 1, The Works Festival

August 7-10, The Edmonton Folk Music Festival

August 14-24, Edmonton Fringe Festival (pending)

Hope to see you all out at some point in the summer!